The BiSS-C interface is a fully-digital bidirectional connection for absolute measuring systems. Therefore, BiSS-C has been designed for maximum performance, transmission reliability and security. The great advantage of the BiSS-C interface is its open source protocol, offering high speeds (data rate up to 10 MHz) and a delay compensation for the optimal operation of the […]

The new Hohner linear measurement system with measuring wheel is a complete and space-saving solution for accurate positioning. This system consists of a Hohner solid shaft encoder, a flexible support angle (90.1205 / 90.1204 / 90.1206) and a non-slip measuring wheel. The support angle with large spring travel and high press-on force allow to compensate […]

Hohner has developed IP69K encoders, with stainless steel housing, flange and shaft. SERIE 10K os approved for ECOLAB detergents and are cleaning compatible acording to EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), ideal for food and beverage industries.    

At Hohner Automáticos we place at your disposal our more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of encoders to always offer you tailor-made solutions, even for small series or samples. Now, we expands our product range with customized solutions designed specifically for subsea applications.

Hohner Automaticos expands its range of inclinometers with the new IN360C and IN360A Series. 360º inclinomenters with high resoution (up to 0,001º), 1 or 2 axes and protection against electrical disturbs, thermal shocks and harsh enviroments. IN360C 360º inclinometer with CANopen output The new inclinometer IN360C with CANopen certified interface and anti-vibration programmable filter can be configured for […]

One of the strengths of Hohner Automaticos is the ability to adapt our products to the customer needs. Now we introduce the new magnetic encoders SERIE MRand SERIE MIE, two success stories to solve different assembly requirements: SERIE MR ENCLOSED ASSEMBLY The new incremental magnetic encoder SERIE MR is specially designed for applications under adverse ambient conditions […]

SERIE 50 and SERIE 50H encoders are confirmed as the most robust solution for applications where small size encoders are required. With an outer diameter of only 50mm and a sturdy constitution, Hohner Series 50 and 50H equal benefits of the best Ø58mm encoders. Through tests conducted in Applus laboratories, the encoders have passed crash tests […]