BiSS-C interface

The BiSS-C interface is a fully-digital bidirectional connection for absolute measuring systems. Therefore, BiSS-C has been designed for maximum performance, transmission reliability and security.

The great advantage of the BiSS-C interface is its open source protocol, offering high speeds (data rate up to 10 MHz) and a delay compensation for the optimal operation of the drive system.

  • Fully digital and bidirectional
  • Open source – non proprietary
  • Real-time position and status feedback
  • Suitable for motor feedback systems
  • Motor data and maintenance information can be stored and read out easily in the encoder
  • Faster and more cost-effective than standard field bus and Ethernet systems
  • Easy integration with the support of the Hohner experts team

The SMRS Series from Hohner include SSI and BiSS-C interfaces, as well as BiSS-C+Sin/Cos and SSI+Sin/Cos, which increase their versatility by including an analog output.