Hohner Automation, headquartered in Breda, Spain, is an international family-owned business specialized in the manufacturing of incremental and absolute encoders, linear measurement systems and rotary actuators.

With a consistent focus on quality, precision and reliability, Hohner develops customized solutions with maximum flexibility and fastest delivery times.

In 2023 we commemorate the 40th anniversary of Hohner Automation.

After four decades, we look back to remember that small local encoder manufacturer that started this adventure in 1983, and that today has become a European leading specialized manufacturer of solution for measurement, with presence in over 50 countries.

Of course, this success is largely thanks to a multidisciplinary staff that has been growing and transforming, and that day after day supports our clients in the development of automation projects worldwide.

We also would like to thank each of our distributors, customers, collaborators… to all those who contribute so that together we can continue fulfilling the dream of being industry leaders in the development of encoders and position measuring systems.


One of the strong points of our firm is client service, and one of the tools that makes us flexible is the combination of our own engineering department that is available to the client for all types of application asessments, combined with our own departments of optical, mechanical and electronic manufacturing, which allows us to cover all the necessities of our clients with maximum efficacy.

Nueva Nave Hohner



Our worldwide distributors are a team of very well trained persons who are familiar with the applications in the different sectors where our sensors can be applied.

You have a Hohner distributor very close to you.