Multiturn Absolute Encoders

At Hohner Automation we have a wide range of multiturn absolute encoders at your disposal. You will find encoders with interfaces: analog, parallel, SSI, BiSS, as well as different field buses (EtherCat, EtherNet / IP, DeviceNet, CANOpen, Profibus and Profinet).

We have three systems to maintain position:

  • Gear system: the encoder maintains the position mechanically.
  • Battery system: when there is a power failure, the battery continues to work to maintain the position of the encoder. Batteries have a useful life of about ten years.
  • Wiegand system: generates its own energy to supply energy to the revolution counter, being independent of any external supply.

At Hohner we have an engineering department specialized in customizing encoders to adapt to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for any adaptation or special execution. At the same time, we have additional accessories such as couplings, connectors, flanges, bracket angles, pre-wiring and measuring wheels.

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