Corporate brand

At Hohner we have updated our corporate brand.

Thanks to the excellent work of the entire Hohner team, we have positioned our brand as a worldwide benchmark in the manufacture of encoders. Following with the same line of growth, we have decided to update our name, from Hohner Automáticos to Hohner Automation. In this way, our corporate brand accompanies us in our internationalization process.

This updating process would not be completed without modernizing our corporate image.


We have made a restyling of our logo, giving a more modern look to our brand.

To begin with, we have kept our representative colors: red combined with white. These colors have accompanied us throughout our history, giving strength and solidity to our corporate brand. The red color is associated with the pulses and the action. And the white color denotes neatness and cleanliness.

We have only changed the color of our Hohner letters from white to red. In addition, we have added an isotype with our initial “h”. Highlighting it in white on a red frame, which maintains the essence of the original logo.

Regarding typography, we have kept our characteristic Hohner letters and we have updated the AUTOMATION typography with a more modern and refined style.

This redesign supports our global presence, agree with our business objectives.