Les capteurs à fil tendu Hohner offrent une solution simple pour mesurer la vitesse et la position linéaires. Utilisant un enrouleur de câble à ressort avec un encodeur rotatif monté sur le moyeu de l’enrouleur, les capteurs à fil tendu Hohner peuvent mesurer avec précision la position linéaire. Les applications courantes incluent les grues télescopiques […]

Codeurs Analogiques

La flexibilité rencontre la simplicité dans la nouvelle gamme de codeurs analogiques de Hohner. Il n’y a pas besoin de codeurs absolus coûteux et trop compliqués. Les nouvelles séries Hohner e24 et e58 sont disponibles dans une large gamme de modèles, à la fois monotour et multitour, avec une résolution jusqu’à 16 bits. De plus, […]

Absolutos SSI

Hohner Automation élargit sa gamme de codeurs absolus multitours et monotour avec l’interface de communication SSI, entièrement numérique.

Chers clients et fournisseurs, En ce qui concerne l’expansion du virus Covid-19, nous voulons vous informer que Hohner Automation maintient son activité et restera ouvert selon le calendrier prévu. Notre priorité est de toujours garantir la sécurité et la santé de nos employés, collaborateurs et clients. Pour cette raison, nous suivons strictement les protocoles d’action […]

Découvrez nos codeurs incrémentaux qui vous permettent de programmer n’importe quel nom d’impulsions avec un cÂble USB. Découvrez comment le PR90 peut devenir votre meilleur allié.

Codeurs Heavy Duty

octobre 21, 2019
Codeurs Heavy Duty

Les nouveaux codeurs Heavy Duty sont robustes et intègres pour résister aux températures maximales, aux chocs, aux agitations et à la saleté. Certaines de ses applications sont des éoliennes, des mines, de l’acier…

Codeurs environnements extrêmes

Notre ingénieur mécanique Sergi Ferrer explique dans son article les différents types de protection IP qui existent et les tests que le codeur Hohner 10K a passés pour obtenir la classification IP69K.

Hohner has developed IP69K encoders, with stainless steel housing, flange and shaft. SERIE 10K and SERIE 19K are approved for ECOLAB detergents and are cleaning compatible acording to EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), ideal for food and beverage industries.    


novembre 14, 2016

At Hohner Automation we place at your disposal our more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of encoders to always offer you tailor-made solutions, even for small series or samples. Now we introduce our new 130M, an IP68 incremental magnetic encoder designed specifically to be used immersed in liquids, offering excellent results in […]

Hohner Automation expands its range of inclinometers with the new IN360C and IN360A Series. 360º inclinomenters with high resoution (up to 0,001º), 1 or 2 axes and protection against electrical disturbs, thermal shocks and harsh enviroments. IN360C 360º inclinometer with CANopen output The new inclinometer IN360C with CANopen certified interface and anti-vibration programmable filter can be configured for […]

One of the strengths of Hohner Automation is the ability to adapt our products to the customer needs. Now we introduce the new magnetic encoders SERIE MR and SERIE MIE, two success stories to solve different assembly requirements: SERIE MR ENCLOSED ASSEMBLY The new incremental magnetic encoder SERIE MR is specially designed for applications under adverse ambient […]

SERIE 50 and SERIE 50H encoders are confirmed as the most robust solution for applications where small size encoders are required. With an outer diameter of only 50mm and a sturdy constitution, Hohner Series 50 and 50H equal benefits of the best Ø58mm encoders. Through tests conducted in Applus laboratories, the encoders have passed crash tests […]

Hohner Automation participated in a new edition of the SPS IPC Drives exhibition (24-26 November 2015), that this year has become overcome with more than 64,385 visitors and 4% more exhibitors. We express our gratitude for the interest of all members, customers and professional colleagues who came to our booth and shared ideas, needs and projects with our […]

Hohner Automation cooperates

décembre 22, 2015

Hohner Automation cooperated in a new edition of the campaign to collect toys by Creu Roja Joventut, this year under the slogan « There are many toys. Choose your way to help ». The personnel of the company are involved with the project, building his own point of collection and solidarity. Hohner Automation also collaborated last December […]

Hohner Automation expands series with operating temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C. This new attribute increases possible application solutions with very low temperatures environments, without reducing the encoder’s lifetime.

Hohner Automation attended the last edition of Hispack & BTA (21-24 April 2015), celebrated in Barcelona, the leading trade fair for the packaging industry. « Solutions for Packaging Industry » was the motto with which our team presented the latest developments and products from Hohner. We offered a wide range of optical encoders for machine manufacturers, technologies […]

High Resolution Encoders

avril 23, 2015

Hohner Automation has gone a step further in the production of high resolution optical encoders. Thanks to the technique of interpolation electronics, Hohner has managed to increase the resolution of the series Serie 10, Serie 10 IP67, Serie 58, Serie 19, Serie 59, Serie 30 and Serie 30 IP67 to 50,000 pulses. The result is encoders of […]

Interpolated Signals

janvier 16, 2015

The purpose of this document is to objectively present the main features and differences between the signals provided by an incremental optical encoder and an interpolated incremental optical encoder. On the first case, the number of pulses coincides with the pulses number of its associated optics, while in the interpolated case the generated number of signals […]

Miniature Encoders

décembre 4, 2014

Hohner Automation propose une gamme complète de codeurs incrémentaux miniatures à axe et axe reux, de 4 à 6 mm.

SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany, is one of the most important trade fairs in encoders and automation industry. It covers all components down to the system and offers herewith integrated automation solutions. At SPS IPC Drives 2014, from 25th to 27th November, Hohner Automation has presented its new programmable encoder and the new range of miniature encoders. Proximally, Hohner […]

Robustness Incremental Magnetic Encoders have gained their place in the market due to their robustness, and have been used with low resolution in industrial and automotive applications. Technology has evolved and enabled to produce magnetic encoders with high resolutions and also absolute magnetic encoders, keeping its main feature, the robustness. Performance far superior to the potentiometer […]

Hohner Automation has attended the 33rd Motek – International trade fair for automation in production and assembly, from 6 to 9 October 2014. Motek is the international leading trade fair for production and assembly automation, with 941 exhibitors from 97 countries and more than 35.000 professional visitors relaed with the automation in production and assembly. Hohner has come in […]


juillet 23, 2014

Recent advancements are boosting the capabilities of encoders that have been the mainstay of position measurement for more than a century. From making your favourite characters at Disney wave hello, to surviving the extreme conditions in downhole drilling operations on earth, satellites, guided missiles, and even the suface of Mars, absolute multiturn magnetic encoders are […]

In order to accommodate to the growing demand and continuing the growth plan of the company, during 2014 Hohner Automation expands facilities, adding a new production line. The company’s first phase of the growth plan consists in enlarging the production line and building a new mechanical department and reception of materials. Moreover, the factory will […]

Productos Hohner

You discover all the Hohner’s Automation products in our new product’s catalogue, incremental encoders and absolute encoders.