Absolutos SSI

The SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) interface is an industrial output that only needs four lines to carry out data transmission. It is the most widely used industrial protocols for its simplicity and verified track record. The SSI is designed for data transfer between computers or user terminals and smart sensors.

Absolute encoder SSI have two output formats available: Gray and Binary code. In this way, the SSI output with Gray code produces a bit change in each step, thus allowing to reduce errors in the transmission of information. The Binary code SSI output provides signal data with multiple bit shifts in each step.

The advantages that this transmission system provides the traditional one are:

  • Number of lower components.
  • Ease of code change.
  • The data transmission between the encoder and the receiver is controlled by the receiver’s clock signal.
  • High transmission speeds, depending on the distance and the data frame to be transmitted.

In addition, the SSI interface has a CLOCK input circuit, which allows protection of the encoder against overvoltage and overload. It also manages a DATA output circuit that allows the signal to be converted to cancel out noise during transmission.

At Hohner Automation we have updated our range of absolute encoder SSI: SSI singleturn absolute and SSI multiturn absolute with 36 and 58 mm external diameter options.