Despite not being able to participate in the last SPS exhibition in Nuremberg, we would like to present you our latest product news:

e36 & e58 SSI Multiturn Encoders

e36 & e58 Series are the new singleturn and multiturn absolute encoders from Hohner. Fully electronic, and with SSI and BiSS-C interfaces, offer great performane for a wide range of applications.


Serie SMRS59S

We have expanded the range of SMARSENS absolute encoders with new SMRS59S, an absolute + incremental hollow shaft encoder SIN/COS + SIN/COS.

Serie 67S

The new Serie 67S encoder, with incremental resolution 1024 SIN/COS and terminal box connection, adds new mounting options to our range of incremental encoders.



We have updated our range of Profinet singleturn and multiturn absolute encoders, with magnetic and optical technology.