Lift Technology


Hohner Automaticos has more than 30 years of experience in the lift sector, providing solutions to the biggest elevator producers worldwide. Lift sector evolves including better technology to guarantee higher quality products at lower prices. Our products are designed to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Better solutions at a lower cost
  • More reliable solutions, which means reduce maintenance cost and creating more secure lifts
  • Enhance comfort


We have solutions with incremental, absolute and mix incremental & absolute; using many interfaces like SINCOS, SSI, BISS INTERFACE, CANOPEN, DEVICENET, PROFIBUS and all the incremental signals available in the market.

We have developed bespoke solutions for our customers, with whom we always work very close. Our service is not just limited to supply, it includes close cooperation with design engineers, lift producers and other component manufacturers to support our customers in the pursuit of innovation and quality.

Hohner Automaticos has the Q+ Level 3 Supplier Certification from Otis Elevator, a designation that allows us to be included in Otis' ACE program (Achieving Competitive Excellence).

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