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When a machine stops, and we don’t have spare parts for all our products, it could be a big problem if we don’t fix that on time. In those cases, the PR90 programmable incremental encoder from Hohner could turn into our best ally.

What does a programmable encoder consists in?

The PR90 programmable (solid shaft) and PR90H (hollow shaft) allow us to easily program any number of pulses per revolution that we want, from 1 to 65.536 ppr, simply by connecting via USB cable, without needed an additional programming box.


This product «all in one» introduce a big versatility of functions that could offer at the same time: unlike the other incremental encoders, those series allow us to configure at once the number of pulses, the output type and the rotation direction, among other aspects.

Some of its strong points are its easy programming and setting, because it’s only needed to connect the USB cable with the encoder and a computer programmer. We are able to reprogram it as many times as we want, with or without power. Furthermore, it can also be use in multiple applications and has an automatic power supply voltage detection 5..30V, with HTL/TTL selectable output.

Although, without a doubt, its biggest strength is that the PR90 and PR90H are the ideal solution for an emergency cases in which we don’t have spare parts for any type of incremental encoder that fails us.

Configurable options

  • Pulses per Revolution (PPR)
  • Output type (HTL / TTL)
  • Rotation direction (CW / CCW)
  • Reference signal position (Z de 0º/180º)
  • Reference signal width (Z 90º/180º)
  • Differential output inversion (A-nA / B-nB / Z-nZ)

How to programming

Following this easy three steps our programmable PR90 encoder is set:

  1. Connect the encoder to a USB port
  2. Programming the software installation
  3. Run the software and program


Do you have any questions about our Programmable Serie?

Here you can read the most common FAQS about the PR90 and PR90H.

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